Tragic anniversary

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Tragic anniversary

Post by Deepol » Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:34 am

A tragic anniversary in the history of Britain's railways was commemorated recently; the rear end collision at Castlecary 80 years ago on the afternoon of December 10th 1937 claiming 35 lives and 170 or so injuries.
The overall destruction of the Edinburgh to Glasgow train which ran into the rear of a Dundee to Glasgow train.
A3 Grand Parade was heading the Edinburgh to Glasgow train which ploughed into the rear of a stationary Dundee to Glasgow train. She was badly damaged but her crew miraculously escaped serious injury and death.
Grand Parade was rebuilt and was a virtually new loco and survived into the 1960s when she eventually was withdrawn.
The loco on the Dundee train was Scott Class 4-4-0 Dandie Dinmont which was undamaged and did survive-just- into BR days becoming 62401.
Paul Strathdee

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