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Post by Henk » Thu May 26, 2011 4:34 pm

1974 - 1989
Unie van Redding & Sleepdienst NV - Antwerpen.
Launched 06-03-1953 at Scheepswerf L.Smit & Zoon - Kinderdijk (CO-263).
27,16 x 7,52 x 3,56 x 3,20 m.
155 grt.
5205576 Lloyds Register.
3 cilinder Triple Expansion from the yard; in 1968, 2x 4SA V12 cylinder Maschinen Fabrik Augsburg/Nuerenberg, 160x180 connected to one propeller in steerable Kort-nozzle; 2 Moes-generators 35 kW/380 V/50 Hz; 1x 4SA 4 cylinder Hengschel 138 bhp connected to a Munk/Moes generator 100 kW/380 V/50 Hz; 1x 4SA 2 cylinder Perkins 26 bhp connected to a Moes-generator 20 kW/ 380 V/50 Hz; hydraulic towing hook 30 tons; hydraulic towing winch made by Brusselle 600 meter steelwire 4,5"; hydraulic Briddle winch Brusselle 3 tons
400 ihp; after 1968, 1.600 bhp. 12,6 knopen.
9 tons BP; after 1968, 22 tons BP
In 1974 brought in by Union de Remorquage et de Sauvetage - Antwerpen
Sold In 1989 renamed TOWING CHIEFTAIN by T.S.A.Tugs Ltd.- Kingstown (St.Vincent)

From 1953 till 1964 as LEIE with Société General de Dragage SA - Antwerpen
In 1968 totally rebuild and motorised at Terneuzense Scheepswerf Maatschappij NV. Nicknamed "De Damwand" (Sheet-pile wall) because she was rebuild to push a barge to Poland and back to Belgium with cole as they also build SEA HORSE and SEA LION for.
In 1999 renamed TOWING BULL by Desguaces Navales Puerto Santa Maria Ocarina Shipping Ltd.) - Cadiz.
In 1999 ownership to Desguaces Navales Puerto Santa Maria - Cadiz.
In 2000 renamed TOWING BULL by Desguaces Navales Puerto Santa Maria - Cadiz. In 2004 as TOWING BULL to Ocarina Shipping Ltd. - Kingstown.
In 2006 renamed ALDAZABAL by LPF Trituradoras SL - Panama.
In 2006 as ALDAZABAL to LPF Trituradoras SL - Panama.

Photo's: Henk de Winde
LEIE @HenkdeWinde.jpg
LEIE @HenkdeWinde (23).jpg
Henk de Winde

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Post by wimkosten » Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:40 am

As TOWING CHIEFTAIN seen here arriving at Flushing outerharbour to pick up a small lifting barge 05/10/1989.

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