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Not to be outdone by George, here is another from the Alexandra fold with my old caption ...

A rare view of a tug under the White Ensign and armed with a gun on her foredeck.

Probably at Liverpool (Sandon Basin?) 1914-1918
George Robinson
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T. A. JOLLIFFE (1901 - 1923)
O.N. 115238. 199g. 14n. 113.0 x 23.7 x 12.1 feet.
T.3-cyl. (15½", 25” & 41" x 27") engine by the shipbuilder. 87nhp.
1901: Completed by J. P. Rennoldson & Sons Ltd., South Shields (Yard No. 213) for Sarah A.Howard (née Jolliffe) Liverpool and John Woodburn, Windermere (trading as W. & T. Jolliffe).
4.1908: Purchased by W. & T. Jolliffe Ltd. (George Samuel Oldam, appointed as manager).
12.8.1914 until 7.10.1914: Hired by the Admiralty.
16.11.1914 until 8.3.1915: In War Office (Army) service.
9.3.1915: until 14.2.1920: On Admiralty service.
By 1918: Alexandra Towing Company Ltd., had become the appointed managers.
8.1923: Sold to Martin Constant, London and renamed EASTLEIGH.
1.1924: Sold to James Dredging, Towage and Transport Company Ltd., London.
11.1924: Sold to Charles Roberts, Bristol.
11.1930: Transferred to Samuel and Thomas Henry Roberts.
11.1936: Transferred to Charles Roberts & Sons Ltd., (Samuel Roberts, Sharpness, manager).
1947: Sold to C. J. King & Sons Ltd., Bristol.
1949: Demolished.

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