TOLLMAN (1931)

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TOLLMAN (1931)

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Photo Charlie Hill
Photo Charlie Hill
With ESSO HYTHE at Hessle Haven
George Robinson
Freeman of Eriskay

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TOLLMAN (1931 - 1966)
O.N. 162240. 79g. 0n. 75.5 x 19.1 x 7.6 feet.
C.2-cyl. (14” & 30" x 20") engine by Earle's Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Ltd., Hull. 40nhp. 420ihp.
3.6.1930: Ordered from Henry Scarr Ltd., Hessle (Yard No. 354) by the United Towing Company Ltd., Hull.
7.2.1931: Launched.
5.1931: Completed at a cost of £8,000.
23-24.5.1962: Whilst assisting the Finnish vessel INIO (1,403g./61) out of Alexandra Dock, Hull, capsized and sank in 30 feet of water at a position 60 yards from the dock wall and partly obstructing the lock pit entrance. Her Master Frank Barley and Mate Joseph Barker survived but three others perished.
31.5.1962: Lincoln and Hull Water Transport Company Ltd., commenced salvage operations by
dredging an 8 foot channel of mud from around the vessel.
1.6.1962: Raised by the floating crane MIGHTY BULL and two lifting barges so that by 13:00hrs she was above the surface.
Subsequently repaired and returned to service.
27.4.1966: Arrived at Bo'ness for demolition by P. & W. MacLellan Ltd.

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