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Post by E28 » Wed May 02, 2012 12:10 am

This is to determine the exact facts re the naming, official or unofficial, of RMS Mauretania during the latter part of the Great war, 1918 and on into 1919.

It is generally accepted she was referred to as the Tuberose.

Who has categoric evidence of this.

3 ships serving the nation under the charge or ownership of the British Admiralty carried the name Tuberose during that great conflict, but how, why and when exactly did the Mauretania, whilst being employed for trooping, acquire the name Tuberose.
The 1st Tuberose was a hired net drifter Admiralty No 3245, LT 355 sunk by mine 31 Aug 1916 off Lowestoft with 8 crew.
The 2nd was the Anchusa class sloop launched from S Hunter 16 Nov 1917, but which also served under the name Scatliff after entering service and presumably at the time of the Mauretania's time as Tuberose.
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