Lyons 1885 HMS - Q Ship

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Lyons 1885 HMS - Q Ship

Post by Woody » Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:15 am

HMS Lyons
Q Ship
La Nina
Salvage Vessel
Launched by John Elder & Co Govan, Yard No 290, on 19/1/1885 as a Cargo Vessel for the London Brighton & South Coast Railway Co. Scrapped in Istanbul in 1974
537grt, (487 grt on launch)
190.6ft x 26.1ft x 14ft
Twin screw, 2 x C2cy, 167nhp
4 x 12pdr

1887 to Compagnie des Chemins de Fer de l'Ouest (mng LB&SCRCo), Paris and renamed LYON
20/8/1895 collided with and sank SS Seaford in a fog bank
1910 sold to the National Salvage Association, London & Glasgow, converted into a salvage ship and renamed LYONS
1914 re-engined. 2 x T3cy, 250nhp, 1355ihp giving 14 knots
5/8/1914 requisitioned for use by the Admiralty. Converted into a Q ship, also used the name Lyon and patrolled off Ushant.
17/4/1916 Returned
1917 to Henry Grayson, Liverpool
1917 to Ocean Salvage Co Ltd, London
1917 renamed LA NINA
7/12/1917 requisitioned by the Admiralty as a Salvage vessel, reportedly under RFA control
20/5/1919 Returned
1922 to Ocean Salvage & Towage Co Ltd, London
1930 to Philip C C Vail, Istanbul
1930 to Turk Gemi Kurtarma Anonim Sirketi (Turkish Salvage Co), Istanbul and renamed HORA
1935 to TC Munakalat Vekaleti Devlet Denizyollari Isletme Umum Mudurlugu, Istanbul
1938 to Deniz Vank Turk Gemi Kurtarma, Istanbul
1944 to Devlet Denizyollari ve Limanlari Turk Gemi Kurtarma, Istanbul
1958 to DB Istanbul Limanlari Isletmesi, Istanbul and Hulked for use as a Floating Office

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Lyons as Salvage ship.jpg
Salvage ship SS Lyons

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Re: Lyons 1885 HMS - Q Ship

Post by Woody » Tue Aug 08, 2017 6:51 pm

I believe the label is wrong and this is La Nina ,ex Lyons, with Crocodile and Marsden ahead
Marsden- la Nina -Crocodile.jpg

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