Crocus 1915 HMS - Sweeping Sloop

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Crocus 1915 HMS - Sweeping Sloop

Post by Woody » Fri Dec 17, 2010 10:36 pm

HMS Crocus
Fleet Sweeping Sloop, Arabis Class
Launched by Lobnitz & Company Renfrew, Yard No 807, on 24/12/1915. Fate unknown.
1250t normal
81,7m x 10.2m x 3.4m
1 shaft TE, 2 boilers, coal, 2000ihp giving 16 knots
2 x 4.7in or 4in guns, 2 x 3pdr AA
Crew 90

Conpleted in March 1916
Spent some time in the East
July 1930 sold in Bombay
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Re: Crocus 1915 HMS - Sweeping Sloop

Post by E28 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:41 pm

Crocus spent more than some time in the East.

She was selected for service in the Persian Gulf Division in 1920 then went to Gibraltar for a refit to make her more habitable for such waters, commissioned there 29th Jan 1921 and then spent her entire years East of Suez until being condemned in May 1930 at Bombay. Her exact fate and location remain a mystery. For those 9 years her sister Cyclamen also served in the same waters.

Once paid off Crocus was replaced by new build Folkestone which arrived in Sept 1930. Eastern waters and the delights or otherwise therein would become familiar to most of the assorted sloops built between the World wars.
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