Aberford 1952 HMS - Seaward Defence Boat

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Aberford 1952 HMS - Seaward Defence Boat

Post by Woody » Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:03 pm

HMS Aberford
Seaward Defence Boat, Ford Class - P.3102
Launched by Yarrow Shipbuilders Scotstoun, Yard No 2031, on 22/9/1952, and sold for scrapping 1971
120t normal; 160t deep load
117ft oa x 20ft x 5ft
3 shaft, 2 x 12 cyl Paxman diesels, and 1 Foden diesel for cruising on the centre shaft, 1100/100bhp giving 18/8 knots
1 x 40mm/60 Mk 7, 2 DCT, plus sonar
Crew 19

Completed 3/3/1954
27/10/1964 transferred to Kenya as gift following independence
16/12/1964 commissioned as KNS Nyati, the forst ship in the Kenya Navy
Late 60s she was laid up off the Southern Engineering yard in Mbaraki Creek in Mombasa and eventually beached
1971 Sold for scrapping
C1 Aberford May 1954.jpg
Aberford May 1954
C2 Aberford Adrossan dockyard 1963 BH.jpg
Aberford 1963 Ardrossan Dockyard
Brian Hargreaves
C3 Nyati.jpg
KNS Nyati

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