Fierce 1945 HMS - Minesweeper

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Fierce 1945 HMS - Minesweeper

Post by Woody » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:42 pm

HMS Fierce
Minesweeper, Algerine Class, VTE-engined - J.453
Laid down 26/11/1944 and launched by Lobnitz & Company Renfrew, Yard No 1077, on
11/9/1945. Scrapped at Gateshead, 2/8/1959
950-1030t standard; 1235-1325t deep load
225ft oa x 35ft 6in x 10ft 9in deep load
2 shaft VTE, 2 Admiralty 3-drum boilers, oil, 2400ihp giving 16.5 knots
1 x 4in/45 QF Mk V HA, 4 x 40mm Bofors (4 x 2) and 90-92 DC as escorts
Crew 138 war complement

Completed as a Minesweeping HQ ship and commissioned 28/11/1945
The last Algerine to be completed
February 1946 arrived at Malta and joined the 8th MSF based at Bizerta. Used as VIP transport to Naples etc
11/9/1946 joined the Palestine Patrol
December 1946 left Malta for refit at Portsmouth, following which she was placed in Category A Reserve
September 1947 recommisioned and sent to Malta as SO, 2nd MSF
1947-48 minesweeping operations in the Aegean and Red Sea
June 1953 attended the Coronation Review
7/8/1953 returned to Mediteranean
October 1953 Reserve at Malta
C1 Fierce entering Malta 3-1946.jpg
Malta March 1946
C2 Fierce moored strbd stern Malta.jpg
Malta Post war
C3 1953.jpg
Fierce 1953

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