Kheti 1927 - Armament Stores Issuing Ship

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Kheti 1927 - Armament Stores Issuing Ship

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MV Kheti
ASIS – 149644, B.541
Launched by Caird & Co. Ltd. Yard No 800, on 31/8/1927 as a general Cargo Ship for Moss S.S. Co. Ltd. - James Moss & Co ., Liverpool. 09/10/1967 foundered 30 miles S of Pantellaria
2766 grt
330.7 ft x 47.3 ft x 19.4 ft
Engines: Harland Wolff Ltd. Glasgow
1-screw, Oil engines 4S.C.SA 8Cyl.n 473 NHP., giving 11 knots

Completed 25/7/1927
1934 Moss Hutchinson Line Ltd
WWII requisitioned to augment ships of the RFA as a Stores Ship. Is not in the RFA List and presumably flew the Red Ensign.
Became an Armament Stores Issuing Ship, for the the Eastern Fleet
15/3/1945 arrived at Manus Naval Base
1951 sold to the Mossgiel Steamship Co Ltd., (John Bruce & Co. Ltd., Managers) Glasgow and renamed ALCORA
1958 sold to Cia Maritima Med Ltd., Lebanon and renamed GAY MED
1964 sold to Ibrahim Hassan Nahas, Lebanon - Hugo Pace & Sons Ltd., Malta, and renamed MED STAR
9/10/1967 developed leaks while on passage from Malta to Bayonne with phosphates, and foundered 30 miles south of Pantelleria
D Kheti 1927-8-31.jpg
MV Kheti

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