Favourite 1958 - Naval Paddle Tug

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Favourite 1958 - Naval Paddle Tug

Post by Woody » Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:11 am

Paddle Tug, Director Class - A.87
Launched by Ferguson Shipbuilders Port Glasgow, Yard No 422, on 1/7/1958. Scrapped at Gijon, Spain arriving 11/1/1980
473 grt
157 ft x 60 ft x 11 ft
Side paddle, Diesel electric, 4 x Paxman Diesel 12 YHAXZ, 1623bhp, giving 13 knots
The paddles were electrically driven, 1194KW, and could operate together or be independently controlled
Bollard Pull 16 tons, and fitted for fire fighting (2 Monitors), salvage and oil pollution spraying. Her masts could be lowered
Designed for handling aircraft carriers in harbours, highly manoeuvrable with a low profile to cope with the large overhangs.
Crew 22

Completed 26/9/1958, and manned by PAS crew, she sailed for service in Devonport under CD control
6/12/1979 sold
8/1/1980 left Devonport under tow for Spain

More information Welcome

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Favourite on her trials
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