Puma 1954 HMS - Frigate

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Puma 1954 HMS - Frigate

Post by Woody » Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:57 pm

HMS Puma
Frigate, Leopard Class or Type 41 Anti-Aircraft Frigate - F.34
Laid down 16/11/1953 and launched by Scotts Greenock, Yard No 664, on 30/6/1954. Arrived at Blyth 10/12/1976 for BU by C.F.Booth
2300t normal, 2520t deep load
340ft oa x 40ft x 11ft 10in
2-shaft, 8 x ASRI diesels, 14,400bhp giving 25 knots
4 x 4.5in/45 Mk 6 DP (2 x 2), 2 x 40mm/60 STAAG Mk 2 AA ( 1 x 2) and 1 Squid
Crew 205

Completed 27/4/1957 and joined the 7th Frigate Squadron, Home and South Atlantic which involved extensive travel and visits
May 1963 started an extended refit at Portsmouth
11/6/1964 fire in the engine room which delayed her trials
30/10/1964 recommissioned with the 7th FS for the South Atlantic
1966 Beira Patrol
September 1966 left Simonstown for the Falklands to take off 20 air pirates who had seized an Argentinian plane
January 1967 Home and Far East
6/5/1971 arrived at Devonport after world cruise
June 1972 Paid off for disposal and laid up at Chatham
8/12/1976 left Chatham for Blyth

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C1 Puma 2 .jpg
HMS Puma
C2 Puma OSPG .jpg
HMS Puma
C3 Puma bows in 1965.jpg
HMS Puma 1965
C4 Puma bows strbd colour.jpg
HMS Puma

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