Medoc 1930 - Auxiliary Patrol Vessel

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Medoc 1930 - Auxiliary Patrol Vessel

Post by Woody » Tue May 30, 2017 10:29 am

Auxiliary Patrol Vessel - P.24
Launched by D & W Henderson Ltd Glasgow, Yard No 902 , on 30/5/1930 as a Cargo Vessel for Worms et Cie. Paris. 26/11/1940 sunk in the English Channel by an aerial torpedo
1167 grt
237.3 ft x 34.1 ft x 14.7ft
1-screw, T3cyl, 188nhp giving 9 knots
4 x 100mm guns, 2 x 37mm AA guns, 2x Hotchkiss and 2 x Mitrailleuse MGs, plus 2 x Depth charge throwers with 24 DCs

Requisitioned by the French Navy and converted into an Auxiliary Patrol ship, along with her sister Pomerol (P.25)
3/7/1940 both were seized by the Royal Navy at Plymouth
September 1940 transferred to the Polish Navy but had a mixed crew of Free French, Polish and RN. Since the ships were French and the crews Polish, two flags were hoisted, the White Eagle and the Tricouleur. Later, when the same ships were manned by British crews, but still commanded by Polish officers, the ships wore three flags: Polish, French and British.
26/11/1940 left Devonport in the evening on patrol with HMT Lombard. At 6pm she was attacked by a single torpedo bomber. Medoc was struck in the boiler room and sank. Orders were given to disarm the depth charges but as she was sinking there were 4 deep underwater explosions. HMT Lombard was rushing to assist and she and the survivours were caught in the explosions. Lombard was suffering with leaks but picked up the survivours. 40 of the crew were lost, mostly RN sailors

Image of SS Medoc in database
C1 Pomerol and Medoc.jpg
Pomerol and Medoc
C2 Medoc.jpg
Medoc Line drawing

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