Mermaid 1966 HMS - Frigate

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Mermaid 1966 HMS - Frigate

Post by Woody » Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:13 pm

HMS Mermaid
General Purpose Frigate - F.76
Ordered by President Nkrumah of Ghana as the Black Star, his Flagship and Presidential yacht, and laid down in 1965, however he was ousted before the launch. Launched by Yarrow Shipbuilders Scotstoun, Yard No 2284, on 29/12/1966 as No 2284. Extant
2300t normal, 2520t deep load
339ft 3in oa x 40ft x 12ft
2 shafts, 8 Admiralty Standard Range 16cyl Diesels, 14,400bhp giving 24 knots
2 x 4in/45 Mk 16 AA (1 x 2), 4 x 40mm/60 Mk 9 (4 x 1), and 1 Limbo Mk 10
Crew 177

Completed fitting out in 1968 but without armament and laid up in Rothesay Dock under the care of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office
April 1972 transferred to the Portsmouth Dockyard where she was finally bought by the Admiralty
October 1972 conversion started at Chatham to turn her into a Training Ship
Commissioned 16/5/1973 as HMS MERMAID and after her work up sailed for the Far East
1974-75 Guardship at Singapore
10/12/1975 arrived at Chatham having been withdrawn from Singapore on economy grounds
8/3/1976 joined the Fishery Protection Patrol off Iceland
13/3/1976 collided with the Icelandic Gunboat Thor
7/5/1976 holed in the port side after a collision with the Gunboat Tyr
20/9/1976 collided with and sank the RNR manned HMS Fittleton during exercise Teamwork76 off the Dutch Coast. The exercise had finished and they were heading for Hamburg when she and Fittleton were ordered to perform a mail Transfer. The differences in size and shape of the two ships caused pressure forces as they closed. On the first attempt Fittleton was forced astern of the Mermaid. On the second attempt she was forced ahead into Mermaid’s bows, finally crossing her bows and was rolled over with the loss of 12 lives
22/7/1976 arrived in Portsmouth
May 1977 transferred to the Malaysian Navy
August 1977 after a refit at Vosper Thornycroft was commissioned as KD HANG TUAH and left for Malaysia where she served as Flagship. She then started service as a training Ship.
C1 Mermaid portside departs Freemantle mid 70s.jpg
Mermaid early 70s leaving Freemantle
2 Mermaid Cod war.jpg
Mermaid in action during the Cod War
C3 KD Hang Tuah 2007 Labuan.jpg
KD Hang Tuah 2007 at Labuan

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Re: Mermaid 1966 HMS - Frigate

Post by Dennis Maccoy » Mon Feb 18, 2019 4:01 pm

As the (unnamed) Black Star in Rothesay Dock and Queens Dock.
Black Star, Rothesay Dock, 1 December 1968_1.jpg
In Rothesay Dock on 1 December 1968
Black Star, Queens Dock, 19 January 1969_1.jpg
In Queens Dock on 19 January 1969


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