Cachalot 1957 HMS - Submarine

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Cachalot 1957 HMS - Submarine

Post by Woody » Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:22 am

HMS Cachalot
Patrol Submarine, Porpoise Class - S.06
Laid down 1/8/1955 and launched by Scotts Greenock, Yard No 662, on 11/12/1957. Arrived at Blyth for BU by Blyth Shipbreakers & Repairers on 14/2/1980
1565t normal; 1975t-2303t
290ft 3in oa x 26ft 6in x 18ft 3in
2-shat diesel-electric: 2 x ASR 1 16cyl diesels, plus 2 x English Electric motors, 3680bhp/6000shp giving 12kts surfaced and 17kts submerged
8 x 21in TT (6 fwd, 2 aft with 30 torpedoes)
Crew 71

Completed 1/9/1959
2/9/1977 Paid off for Disposal at Devonport
Proposed sale to Egypt was cancelled
12/11/1979 sold for scrapping

More Information Welcome
C1 Cachalot.jpg
C2 I Cachalot 1977 Review BH.jpg
Cachalot at the 1977 Naval Review
Posted by Brian Hargreaves

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Re: Cachalot 1957 HMS - Submarine

Post by Dennis Maccoy » Mon Feb 18, 2019 6:30 pm

Cachalot heading upriver on 24 June 1973, with Inverkip power station under constrction in the background.
Cachalot, 24 June 1973 (1)_1.jpg


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