Oakham Castle 1944 HMS - Corvette

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Oakham Castle 1944 HMS - Corvette

Post by Woody » Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:13 am

HMS Oakham Castle
Corvette, Castle Class - K.530, F.530
Laid down 30/11/1943 and launched by A & J Inglis Pointhouse Glasgow, Yard No 1236, on 20/7/1944. Scrapped at Tees Marine Services Ltd., Middlesborough, arriving November 1977
1060t standard, 1590-1630 t deep load
252ft oa x 36ft 8in x 13ft 6in-13ft 9in deep load
Engines by Robey & Co Ltd., Lincoln
1-shaft VTE, 2 Admiralty 3-drum boilers, oil, 2750ihp giving 16.5 knots
1 x 4in/40 QF Mk XIX, 6-10 20mm AA guns, 1 squid and 15 DC
Crew 120

Commissioned 10/12/1944
December 1945 - June 1950 spent long periods in Dockyard hands undergoing modifications
1948-50 served with the 2nd Training Squadron at Portland
December 1950 reduced to Reserve at Devonport
1953 refit at Devonport
1954 Dehumidification and preservation at Dawsons, South Shields
July 1957 transferred to the Air Ministry and converted into a weather ship by J.Lamont & Co Ltd., Greenock. Fitted with facilities and hanger for weather balloons
16/5/1958 renamed WEATHER REPORTER and replaced Weather Explorer (ex Thyme), based in the James Watt Dock, Greenock. She flew the Blue Ensign, defaced by the OWS Crest.
The purpose of the OWS was twofold, firstly to collect weather information and, secondly, to provide a navigation beacon service for aircraft crossing the Atlantic. They were expensive to run and a very large amount of the funding for running the ships came from the International Civil Aviation Organisation.
C1 Oakham Castle K530 starboard.jpg
Oakham Castle as completed
C2 Oakham Castle F530 underway.jpg
Reporter trials James Hall.jpg
1958 Weather Reporter on her trials
Image from James Hall

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Re: Oakham Castle 1944 HMS - Corvette

Post by Brianh » Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:03 pm

Dehumidification was carried out By Dowsons after which she was laid up in Albert Edward Dock, North Shields.

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Re: Oakham Castle 1944 HMS - Corvette

Post by Dennis Maccoy » Sun Feb 17, 2019 6:59 pm

As Weather Reporter in 1969.
Weather Reporter, Grenock, 2 February 1969_1.jpg
in the James Watt Dock on 2 February 1969
Weather Reporter, Clyde, 14 June 1969_1.jpg
4 June 1969


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