Inflexible 1907 HMS - Battlecruiser

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Inflexible 1907 HMS - Battlecruiser

Post by Woody » Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:35 pm

HMS Inflexible
Battlecruiser, Invincible Class
Two of this class were built on the Clyde.
Laid down 5/2/1906 and launched by John Brown Clydebank, Yard No 374, on 26/6/1907. Sold 1/12/1921 and BU in Germany 1922.
17,373t average load, 20,078 t deep load.
567ft oa x 78ft 6in x 26ft 2in
4-shaft Parsons Turbines, 31 Yarrow boilers, coal/oil, 41,000shp giving 25.5 knots.
8 x 12in 45cal (4 x 2), 16 x 4in 45cal QF, and 5 x 18in TT submerged, 4 beam and 1 stern.
Crew 784

Completed in October 1908 and joined the Nore Division, Home Fleet
1909 to New York for the Hudson-Fulton Celebrations
26/5/1911 in collision with HMS Bellerophon damaging her bow
October-November 1911 Refit. Her fore funnel was raised 6ft
Joined the 2nd Battlecruiser Squadron as flagship of the British Mediterranean fleet.
August 1914 spent unsuccessfully hunting SMS Goeben and Breslau.
18 /8/1914 set off for home waters to join 3rd Battlecruiser Squadron.
1/11/1914 sailed to South American waters with HMS Invincible to hunt Admiral Graf Spee.
8/12/1914 Battle of the Falkland Islands, where she, and her sister Invincible, did what they were designed to do, using speed and firepower to catch and destroy the German Squadron. Inflexible firing 661 12in shells and receiving three hits in return with one killed and five wounded
16/12/1914 set sail from the Falkland Islands for home.
24/1/1915 became flagship of British Dardanelles squadron.
19/2/1915 took part in bombardment of Dardanelles outer forts.
25/2/1915 again bombarded Dardanelles outer forts.
5/3/1915 another bombardment.
11/3/1915 sent to Malta to have worn gun barrels replaced.
18/3/1915 bombardment of Dardanelle’s forts. Was hit 9 times and then struck a mine. Withdrew and beached whilst temporary repairs made. She then proceeded to Malta.
10/4/1915 reached Malta for repairs.
19/6/1915 joined the 3rd Battlecruiser Squadron, Grand Fleet.
31/5/1916 took part in the Battle of Jutland. Fired 88 12 inch rounds and was not damaged.
5/6/1916 transferred to 2nd Battlecruiser Squadron.
19/8/1916 attacked unsuccessfully by the German submarine U-65 firing two torpedoes which missed
31/1/1918 collided with the submarine K.22 off May Island
Early 1918 fitted with flying off platforms on her two midship turrets
31/11/1918 present at Scapa Flow for the surrender of the German High Seas Fleet
January 1919 Paid off and placed in Reserve
1/12/1921 sold for scrap.
C1 Inflexible New York City 1909.JPG
1909 in New York Harbour
C2 Inflexible ship's mascot forward 12in 6-1913.JPG
1913 Ship's Mascot and forward 12in gun
C3  Inflexible final guise strbd 1918.jpg

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Re: Inflexible 1907 HMS - Battlecruiser

Post by E28 » Tue May 15, 2012 11:48 pm

The sale of Inflexible was a real coup for the breaker in question, Stanlee of Dover.
1921 saw the largest disposal of surplus RN tonnage in history.
Dec 1st saw Stanlee acquire Inflexible, her sister Indomitable, the St Vincent, Temeraire on the 7th and on the 12th their 3rd Dreadnought, Superb, together with a few smaller warships.
How they were able to acquire these 5 capital ships with the competition at the time, is remarkable, they did have a good facility in the North East corner secluded from the main harbour within the breakwater at Dover and a 1st class infrastructure.
Already they had acquired a few pre Dreadnoughts and the Lord Nelson.
With Inflexible being sold on for breaking in Germany in 1922, probably through the German agency Slough T C, however Stanlee would have made a few quid for their foresight. Scrap was in great demand in Germany by this time with prices fetching a premium.
Stanlee as breakers seemed pretty clued up and had already sold ships on to Slough T C for the benefit of the German breakers, virtually all who functioned within the naval yards, probably Government controlled.
Who exactly the German breakers actually were is obscure, virtually all records apparently destroyed.
Certainly a case of money for old ...
Raid - Trade - Aid
Thats all folks. Sean. E28

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Re: Inflexible 1907 HMS - Battlecruiser

Post by Deepol » Wed Oct 09, 2019 9:53 pm

This John Brown photo I have in my collection has unusually no details with it but have it on good authority it is INFLEXIBLE.
Paul Strathdee

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