Highflyer 1898 HMS - Cruiser

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Highflyer 1898 HMS - Cruiser

Post by Woody » Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:24 am

HMS Highflyer
Second Class Cruiser, Highflyer Class – D.22, N.69, N.58, N.85
One of three of this class built on the Clyde.
Laid down 7/6/1897 and launched by Fairfield Govan, Yard No 402. on 4/6/1898. Sold in Bombay for BU in 1921
372ft oa x 54ft x 20ft 6in
2-shaft, 4cyl TE, 18 Belleville boilers, 10,344ihp giving 20.1 knots on trials.
11 x 6in QF, 9 x 12pdr QF, 6 x 3pdr QF and 2 x 18in TT submerged.
Crew 450

Completed 7/12/1899 and joined the Cruiser Training Squadron (temp)
1900.1904 Flagship, East Indies
1904-1906 Cadet’s TS attached North America and West Indies
1906 Devonport with Nucleus crew
1906-1908 East Indies
1908-1910 Devonport with Nucleus Crew
1910-1911 Nore
1911-1913 Flagship, East Indies
14/6/1913 3rd Fleet, Chatham
1913-14 TS for Special Entry Cadets
1914 9th Cruiser Squadron Mid Atlantic. Just after the war began she intercepted a the Dutch liner Tubantia carrying German Reserve Troops and Gold for the German Bank and escorted her into Plymouth
27/8/1914 sank the German Armed Merchant Cruiser Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse off the Oro River, after a short engagement. She was caught while coaling and refused to surrender. Highflyer lost one man killed and about six wounded
1914-1916 5th Cruiser Squadron Mid Atlantic based at Cape Verde.
1916-17 West Africa
1917 Flagship, North America and West Indies on Convoy duty.
6/12/1917 was present in Halifax when the explosion occurred. She had launched a boat to investigate the fire on the Mont-blanc when she exploded killing 9 men in the boat. Highflyer received light damage from the blast with several injuries but was able to provide assistance to survivours
11/12/1917 left Halifax escorting a Convoy to Plymouth
1918 East Indies Station
March 1919 Paid Off in Bombay
July 1919 recommissioned as Station Flagship
Early 1921 Paid Off as the last of the Victorian cruisers in active commission

C1 Highflyer starboard 1899.JPG
C2 Highflyer moored bow port 1904.JPG

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Re: Highflyer 1898 HMS - Cruiser

Post by Woody » Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:25 am

Weekend Birthday Images
C4 Highflyer GL.jpg
Highflyer ready for launch
Graham lapin
C5 Highflyer.JPG

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