Balsam 1942 HMS - Corvette

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Balsam 1942 HMS - Corvette

Post by Woody » Mon May 30, 2011 3:01 pm

HMS Balsam
Corvette, Flower Class - K.72
Laid down 16/4/1941 as Chelmer. Name changed in May 1941 and launched by George Brown & Company Greenock, Yard No 222, on 30/5/1942. Arrived at Cashmore, Newport 20/4/1947 for BU
940t standard; 1170t deep load
205ft oa x 33ft x 14ft 10in
Engines by G Clark fitted by J G Kincaid
1 shaft VTE, 2 scotch cylindrical boilers, oil, 2750ihp giving 16 knots
1 x 4in/45 BL Mk IX, 2 depth charge throwers and AA armament. (Initially the class had a 2pdr pompom, or twin Lewis guns when the pompom was not available). Hedgehog was fitted before completion
Crew 85

Commissioned 28/11/1942 and sailed to Tobermory for her work up
24/12/1942 joined the 37th Escort Group and the escort for Convoy KMS6 for Gibraltar
11/1/1943 left Gibraltar as escort for MKS5 for Liverpool
6/2/1943 escort for KMS9 to Gibraltar returning with MKF9
24/2/1943 transferred to 39 th Escort Group
6/3/1943 escort for Convoy OS44 to West Africa which came under heavy U-boat attack
24/3/1943 arrived at Freetown
23/4/1943 arrived at Liverpool with SL127 from Freetown
5/5/1943 left Liverpool with Convoys OS47/KMS14 and continued with OS47 to Freetown
30/5/1943 left Freetown with SL130 which later merged with MKS14 arriving at Liverpool 21/6/1943
5/7/1943 left Liverpool with convoy OS51/KMS20 continuing with OS51
15/7/1943 sank U-135 in the Atlantic with HMS Rochester and HMS Mignonette. The submarine was brought to the surface by depth charges and the crew abandoned ships. She was then attacked by an American Catalina aircraft and, as she was still moving, finally rammed by HMS Mignonette
28/7/1943 left Freetown with SL124 arriving at Liverpool 19/8/1943
28/8/1943 left Liverpool with convoy OS54/KMS25 staying with OS54 to Freetown
1/10/1943 left Freetown to join and provide local Escort for Convoy RS10 Gibraltar to Sierra Leone
13/10/1943 left Freetown with SL138, merging with KMS25 and then coming under a major U-boat attack. Arrived Liverpool 5/11/1943
16/11/1943 left Liverpool with Convoy OS59/KMS33 staying with OS59 to Freetown but was detached to Gibraltar
3/12/1943 left Gibraltar with MKS32 and HMS Fencer for Liverpool
15/12/1943 detached to Manchester for Refit
7/1/1944 to Tobermory for work up
19/1/1944 grounded during work up requiring Repair
28/4/1944 repairs completed and to Tobermory again for work up and then joined Western Approaches Command
May 1944 detached for preparation of Normandy landings with Escort Group 106
June passage to Milford Haven to join EG106
4/6/1944 joined Convoy EBM3 in the Bristol Channel prior to loading vehicles
7/6/1944 escorted Convoy to US Beach Headland then to Falmouth as escort for back up convoys
July 1944 to Portsmouth for escort and anti-submarine patrols in the English Channel
September 1944 joined the 41st Escort Group at Devonport for Atlantic Convoy escort in SW Approaches and Channel
24/3/1945 taken in hand for Refit in Cardiff
13/6/1945 on completion of refit took passage to Milford Haven where she was Paid Off
July 1945 Laid Up at Milford Haven
1947 Disposal List

Battle Honours: ATLANTIC 1939-45 - NORMANDY 1944 - ENGLISH CHANNEL 1944-45

C Balsam late 1942.JPG
Balsam late 1942

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Re: Balsam 1942 HMS - Corvette

Post by Woody » Tue May 30, 2017 4:00 pm

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C2 IWM (FL 1349).jpg
Balsam as completed
IWM FL 1349

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