Invincible 1869 HMS - Central Battery Ironclad

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Invincible 1869 HMS - Central Battery Ironclad

Post by Woody » Sun May 29, 2011 9:35 am

HMS Invincible
Central Battery Ironclad, Audacious Class
HMS Erebus
Destroyer Depot Ship
TS Fisgard II
Laid down 28/6/1867 and launched by Robert Napier Govan, Glasgow, Yard No 142, on 29/5/1869. Foundered in tow off Portland Bill 17/9/1914
6010 t load
280 ft x 54 ft x 22 ft 7 in
Machinery Robert Napier & Sons
Twin shaft, 2-2 cyl HRCR, 6 rectangular boilers, 4832ihp giving 14.09 kts.
10 x 9in MLR, 4 x 6in MLR guns and 6 x 20pdr BL
Crew 450

Completed 1/10/1870 and then served as Guardship at Hull for a year
1873 Served in the Mediterranean and was involved with the Spanish Civil War. Following this in 1876 she had her engines replaced
1878 Carried troops to Cyprus which had been ceded to Britain
1882 Took part in the bombardment of Alexandria acting as Admiral Seymour’s temporary flagship. She also landed a Naval Brigade
1885 her seaman were in the Naval Brigade for the Sudan campaign.
1886 made a trip to China with a new crew for Audacious
1893 Guardship at Southampton
1901 her engines were removed and she became a Destroyer Depot ship at Sheerness
7/4/1904 moved to Portland and renamed EREBUS while being used for harbour duties.
1906 converted into a Training Ship for engineering artificers at Portsmouth and renamed FISGARD II
17/9/1914 while being transferred to Scapa Flow to act as receiving ship she foundered during a storm off Portland Bill with the loss of 21 of her crew.
C1 1870 as completed.jpg
HMS Invincible 1870 as completed
C2 engraving.jpg
Engraving of Invincible at sea
C3  Erebus Portland.JPG
HMS Erebus at Portland

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Re: Invincible 1869 HMS - Central Battery Ironclad

Post by Woody » Mon May 29, 2017 9:13 pm

Birthday Images
C4 Invincible starboard Malta early 1870s.JPG
Malta early 70s
C5 Invincible Historical Photographs of China.jpg
Presumably in China 1886
Historical Photographs of China
C6 NMM.jpg
Print National Maritime Museum

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