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Posted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 3:08 pm
by Henk
In the route 24-11-1942 - 1944
Det Bergenske Dampskibssellskab - Bergen
Launched 20-04-1905 at Sunderland Shipbuilding Co. (South Dock) - Sunderland (229)
195'0" x x 32'0"x 13'5" x
914 grt (other source 812 grt); 1.100 dwt
3 cylinder Triple Expansion with double fired Scottish boiler from North East Marine Engineering Co. - Sunderland at 180 psi
123 nhp
9 knots
In the fleet in 1922 named KJELL from D/S Ryvarden (Bredsdorff & Sørensen) - Kragerøy
Sold In 1946 for scrap to Middlemiss but resold named HERA to Aktiebolaget "Hera" (Alb. Jansson) - Mariehamn

Build as CHRISTOPHER GYLSTORFF for D/S A/S Progress (Holm & Wonsild) - Kopenhagen.
02-12-1906 in collission with quai in Eastham Dock - Manchester resulted in bow damage.
In 1912/1913 renamed ANUND by A/B Svithiod (F.C. Weijdling) - Göteborg.
In 1916 ownership to Fomyade Ångf. A/B "Svenska Lloyd" - Göteborg.
In 1919 via N.L.Middlemiss resold as ANUND to Rederi A/B Svenska Lloyd (H.Metcalf) - Göteborg.
In 1921 as KJELL to A/S D/S Kjell (H.H. Gjertsen) - Christiania.
In 1922 as KJELL to D/S Ryvarden (Bredsdorff & Sørensen) - Kragerøy.
07-03-1951 lost due to leakage 47 miles NE of Flugga (Shetlands) with a cargo of Cellulose from Trondheim to Preston.

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Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:19 pm
by Magoonigal
1905. Built as the CHR GYLSTORFF for D/S A/S Progress (Holm and Wonsild) Copenhagen by Sunderland Ship Building Co. South Dock, Sunderland. (Yard Number 229.)
Launch Date 20th April 1905.
Sold to A/B Svithiod (F C Weijdling) Gothenburg.
Then later according to N.L. Middlemiss she went to Rederi A/B Svenska Lloyd (H. Metcalf). Gothenburg.
(Don't have a Register to check this)
Rnamed. ANUND.
Sold to A/S D/S Kjell. (H H Gjertsen) Christiania.
Renamed KJELL.
Sold to Det Bergenske D/S Bergen.
Renamed EDNA.
1946. Middlemiss has Sold for Scrap.
However she is in the 1947 Register as Owned by Aktiebolaget, Hera. Mgr Alb. Jansson, Registered Mariehamn, Finland.
7th March 1951 Foundered 47 nm NE of Flugga.

Details 1924.
Length 195.0 ft. Beam 32.0 ft. Depth 13.5 ft.
T. 3 cy of 123 NHP operating at 180 psi supplied by two Scotch Boilers by North East Marine Eng. Co. Sunderland.
Speed 9 Kts.
915 Gross. 659 Under Deck. 494 Net.


Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:33 pm
by Henk
Many thanks you find out Paul! Appreciate that very much!


Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:17 am
by Hald-Andersen
good day Henk
Here is my storie i Danish I hope you can use it.

CHR.GYLSTORFF (NPGS) Bygget 1905 i Sunderland "Shipbuilding" HK-600
D.LST.STL.WellD. L-194,5 B-32,0 D-13,7 BRT 812 NET 493 TDW 1100
Kollideret den 2 dec.1906 med med dokmur ved Eastham Dock for ind-
gående p.r.Stugsund-Manchester med Træ(wood). bov beskadiget..
Solgt apr.1913 til A/B Svitiod,Gøteborg,Sverige."ANUND"..
1916 rederiet nyt navn Fornyade Ångf.A/B Svenska Lloyd."ANUND".
1919 overført til A(B Svenska Lloyd,Gøteborg,Sverige."ANUND"..
Solgt 1920 til A/S D/S Kjell,(H.H.Gjertsen),Oslo,Norge."KJELL".
Solgt 1922 til D/S Ryvarden(Bredsdorff & Sørensen),Kragerø,No"KJELL"
Solgt 1922 til Det Bergenske D/S,Bergen,Norge."EDNA".
Solgt 1946 til A/B Hera,(A.Jansson)Mariehamn,Finland."HERA"..
Sank efter læk den 7 marts 1952 ca.8o sm. NW for Shetlandsøerne p.r.
Tronhjem – Preston,med Papirmasse(Cellulose)..alle 18 omkom(lost)..



Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:02 pm
by Henk
Thanks Hald-Andersen! Appreciated.
Don't worry about that Danish, it's nearly Norwegian :) :)