Sailing barques "Pitt" and "Avon" from Troon in 1800s

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Sailing barques "Pitt" and "Avon" from Troon in 1800s

Post by cpkelly » Fri Mar 10, 2017 12:11 pm

My GGGrandfather was at one time (1830s/40s) the captain of the "Pitt" which was built, along with her sister ship "Avon", for one of the Donaldson brothers who went on to form the Donaldson line in the 1850s. She sailed between the Clyde, primarily from Troon, to Chaleur Bay in Canada bringing back timber. I can find number of references to the "Pitt" in "Shipping Intelligence" and similar notes but can't find anything about when or where these ships were built. I would very much like to find an original plan of the ship (or similar) if such might exist anywhere or to find anything else about a captain's life at that time. Any information or a pointer in the right direction, will be most appreciated.
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