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This is my first post on ClydeMaritine. I’m looking for help in tracing the life of my great grandfather. He first appears in 1882 when he marries Annie McKinnon in Glasgow Scotland. His details from the marriage certificate are, Name Gustave Julien Birdwisa; age 36; Address 15 Great Western Road Glasgow; Ships Rigger Journeyman; Parents Victor Julien Birdwisa (seaman merchant service deceased) & Mary Louisa Birdwisa (m.s. Delony). Gustave (sometimes called Agustus) could not read so the spellings of names will be phonetic.
The oral history in the family is that he came from France and on the Scottish census it does state Normandy France. From marriage, census & death records ages he would have been born 1840-1850 approx. In fact on the IGI (Mormon site) it gives his date of birth as 12th November 1844 although nobody knows where that date comes from. I did ask but they said the informant was not known.
I have a Continuous Certificate of Discharge of his that gives Toronto Canada in 1850 as his birth place!! Below is all the info from this CCOD. I’m looking for any help in tracing him e.g. he must have had previous CCOD, where can I find them?

AUGUSTAS JULIAN BIRDWISA - Born 1850 - Toronto - Continuous Certificate of Discharge No. 162967

Height Eyes Hair Complexion Tattoo/Distinguishing Marks
5ft 91/2" Blue Grey Fresh Highlandman on left arm. Rose, fish & star on right arm.

SHIP VOYAGE MASTER Report of Character
Name Official No. Port of Registry Tonnage Date & place of engagement Rating Date & place of discharge Description of voyage Signature of master For ability For general conduct Signature of officer & official stamp
Huronian 113960 S Glasgow 4430 29/06/1901, Glasgow Boson 28/07/1901, Glasgow Montreal J.Brodie Very Good Very Good Samuel ? 29/07/1901, Glasgow
Huronian 113960 S Glasgow 4430 08/08/1901, Glasgow Boson 17/01/1902, Greenock Canada, Africa, Americas J.Brodie Very Good Very Good S.A. ??ester 18/01/1902, Greenock
Corean 84312 S Glasgow 2207 19/04/1905, Glasgow Boson's Mate 22/05/1905, Glasgow Boston J.Brodie Very Good Very Good Samuel ? 22/05/1905 Glasgow
Corean 84312 S Glasgow 2207 26/05/1905, Glasgow Boson's Mate 27/06/1905, Glasgow Boston M.A.Milne Very Good Very Good W.Boyle 27/06/1905, Glasgow
Ionian 113989 S Glasgow 5337 1?/07/1905, Glasgow Boson's Mate 28/07/1905, Glasgow Montreal J.??????? Very Good Very Good Samuel ? 29/07/1905 Glasgow

Thank you
John Gibb


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