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Denholm Ship Management Glasgow

Post by Deepol » Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:16 pm

Or J & J Denholm founded in 1866. Nowadays still involved in shipping but have diversified over the years into logistics and oil related work.
Seen more on artics and pickup trucks these days!
Denholm-AsiafreighterDepGreenockContainerTerminal 003.jpg
From a cadet recruitment brochure. Seatrain gas turbine powered container ship ASIAFREIGHTER leaving Greenock Container Terminal as was. Denholm's managed all four of these and I well remember being on board one where all the crew were Scottish, a good majority from the Islands.
I always wonder when I see photos of people in these brochures how they fared in the fickle world of the Red Duster.....
Paul Strathdee

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