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Russell & Co

Post by Voyager » Mon Jan 30, 2012 7:30 pm

For many years, I have admired the magnificent sailing ships built by Russell. My never-ending search for plans just seems to bring up nothing! Did any survive the yard's closure? Over 45 years ago, I decided that some day, I would build a model of the Russell four-masted barque DONNA FRANCISCA, having purchased a photograph of her whilst in Hamburg in 1965 whilst serving in the old RICHMOND CASTLE.

Never could locate plans, but lots of photos and details gathered over the years enabled me to build this miniature DONNA FRANCISCA. I had intended to keep her, but the son of her old bosun convinced me that she would be given a good home and away she went!

Have any of the Russell plans survived? Forget then National Maritime Museum, can't afford them, even if they have any! I have tried Mitchell Library & Business Archives, Glasgow with no luck - Live in hope!

Donna Francisca.JPG
Donna Francisca 32'=1"

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