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Post by kevin » Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:15 am

Cragoswald aground at Mounts Bay, Cornwall in April 1911. She was on passage from Barry to Venice with coal when she ran agorund in thick fog while attempting to put seriously ill chief engineer ashore. She was salvaged and towed to Falmouth for repair. Later the same year she ended up on the beach at Dungeness and spent a week on the sands before being towed clear. She was sunk 18.04.1917 by U-84 some 60 nm off Bishop Rock Lighthouse on passage from Buenos Aries to London with Maize. She was built at Port Glasgow by Hamilton in 1899 and the North East connection is that she was owned by Lunn & MacCoy of Newcastle.

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Re: Cragoswald

Post by Henk » Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:49 am

Not really a lucky ship Kevin!
Henk de Winde

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Re: Cragoswald

Post by kevin » Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:07 pm

One to be avoided at all cost, Henk. She remindes me of a floundering hippo.

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Re: Cragoswald

Post by Magoonigal » Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:51 pm

Bit added, bit repeated.!

CRAGOSWALD. (1899-1917)

Completed in June 1899 by W Hamilton & Co., Port Glasgow for Lunn & Maccoy, Baltic Chambers, Newcastle.
Official Number 110332.
3,235 Gross. 2,085 Net.
330.4 x 45.5 x 16.2 Feet.
T. 3-cyl by D Rowan & Co. Glasgow.

18th April 1917: Torpedoed and Sunk by Submarine 60 miles W. by S. from Bishop Rock with the loss of 2 Crew.

As a Company Lunn & Maccoy seem to have operated between 1892 and 1917 operating at maximum strength with an average fleet of Five Ships between 1899 and 1907.
Some of the other ships seem just as unlucky as the CRAGOSWALD.

1) BIRDOSWALD. 1892-1899. Sold.
2) LAEEHAM. 1894-1899. Missing.
3) AILSAWALD. 1895-1913. Wrecked.
4) CLEVELAND. 1897-1906. Sold.
5) SAINT OSWALD. 1898-1907. Sold.
6) BIRDOSWALD (2). 1899-1917. Submarine.
7) CRAGOSWALD. 1899-1917. Submarine.
8) MOUNTOSWALD. 1906-1912. Missing.
9) SHIPCOTE. 1914-1915. Missing.
Paul Hood.

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