Loch Seaforth

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Loch Seaforth

Post by mcmahos » Wed Mar 26, 2014 8:28 am

A bit of a conundrum as to where to stick this post: Clyde as it's related to Calmac? BoT/UK as it's going to be based Ullapool-Stornoway? BoT in general as she's being built in Germany?

Anyway, here's a couple of links to Calmac's latest new-build being completed at a remarkable pace at Flensburger in Germany.

Shipyard webcam: http://www.fsg-ship.de/200-1-webcams.html

German TV video of the Polish-built main superstructure being lifted on from a barge: http://www.ndr.de/fernsehen/sendungen/s ... 27137.html

Youtube videos of her launch:
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Re: Loch Seaforth

Post by Angus Mac Kinnon » Wed Mar 26, 2014 9:06 am

We need a new Board, named 'Conundrums', that'll fix it ..... !

Good posting, Flensburger look like a very slick, modern and competitive organisation, don't they?

Wonder if you walked in and said "Flensburger and chips with side-salad and Coke, please" what they would say?
Angus Mac Kinnon

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