LOFTNES 1984 Govan Shipbuilders

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LOFTNES 1984 Govan Shipbuilders

Post by Deepol » Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:19 pm

The second of the pair which Jebsens renamed GENERAL LUKBAN in 1987. She was sold in 1989 becoming WANI RIVER and is still active as CHIOS SUN.
Launch on 20th March 1984
Leaving for trials in July
Paul Strathdee

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Patrick Hill
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Re: LOFTNES 1984 Govan Shipbuilders

Post by Patrick Hill » Tue Mar 20, 2012 4:01 pm

Seen here as "Havtjeld" arriving on the River Tees 29/03/1991.

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Bill Harvey
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Re: LOFTNES 1984 Govan Shipbuilders

Post by Bill Harvey » Tue Mar 20, 2012 5:41 pm

LOFTNES (1984 - 1987) Lakenes class
25,965g. 14,942n. 45,090d. 183.01 (BB) x 31.04 x 11.939 metres
4-cyl. 2 S.C.S.A. (760 x 1,600mm) Sulzer 4RLB76 type oil engine, manufactured by Clark, Hawthorn Ltd., Wallsend. 9,800bhp. 14 kts.
Bulk carrier with four 25-ton cranes capable of operating grabs carried aboard.
1981: Ordered by Pacnorse Shipping (UK) Ltd., London, from Govan Shipbuilders Ltd., Govan (Yard No. 261). 20.3.1984: Launched for Jebsens (UK) Ltd. 14.7.1984: Completed for Priorhouse Ltd., and Capital Leasing Ltd., (Jebsens (UK) Ltd., managers), London. (O.N. 705511). 1987: Transferred to Edilsea Maritime Company SA, (same managers), Panama, and renamed GENERAL LUKBAN. (O.N. 18146-Li). 1988: Chelston Ship Management Ltd., appointed as managers. 1989: Transferred to Celis World Shipping Inc., Panama, and renamed WANI RIVER. 1989: Sold to KS Havtjeld, (AS Havtor, manager), Norway, and renamed HAVTJELD. 1995: Sold to China Progress Inc., (Fortune Power & Shipping Enterprise Company Ltd., managers), Panama, and renamed CHINA PROGRESS. (O.N. 22876-96A). 2001: Sold to Huaxing Maritime SA, Panama, and renamed HUAXING HAI. 2004: Sold to Master Shipping Inc., Athens, (World Carrier SA, Athens, managers), and renamed SALOOS, under Panama flag.
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