SR161 AIS receiver

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SR161 AIS receiver

Post by Dougster » Wed Sep 22, 2010 2:05 am

I cover AIS on the River Clyde as best I can but some sharers need to switch of their receivers when their nurse puts them to bed at 21.00.

I am working with Vessel Tracker at the moment and we hope to have an antenna up in an area of the Clyde that will blow the part timers out of their rubber sheets. (VT are looking at installing 600 more antennas by the end of the year).

In the meantime I have an SR161 up for grabs if anyone can share to Vessel Tracker and Marine Traffic 24/7.

It's worth up to £100 but will accept a Metz Manta 6 antenna for my use and will return when not required.

Anyone in Rhu especially interested?


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