Running the Easting down

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Running the Easting down

Post by Vegaskip » Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:15 am

Thanks Allan if you are interested here is the original
This is the original poem,

YOU can prate of yer ocean racing and swift Cun-
arders too.
That skip The Ditch by power of steam and the
thrust of a mighty screw.
You may thrill in the Aquitania or ships of like re-
But gimme a trip in a clipper ship when running her
Easting down.

D'ye mind the dav when we squared away and ran her
East by South?
When she trampled down the big Horn seas with a
roaring bone in her mouth.
When the best hands twirled her bucking wheel and
dared not look behind
At the growling grey-back in her wake. . . D'ye mind,
old pal, d'ye mind?

Them were the days with the life-lines strung from
the poop to fo'c'sle head.
When the cook 'n stoo' had their work cut out to give
us our daily bread,
When the dollops came thundering over the rails and
flooded the decks in a broil,
And us poor devils were plunged to the necks as we
hoisted and sheeted a royal.

D'ye mind the smile in the Skipper's eyes when he
summed her daily run?
And the blighter would hang to his rags aloft 'til a
gan's'l banged like a gun.
And the cloths of it flogged from the bolt-ropes and
canvas-threads whitened the stay. . .
It was "Leggo that mizzen t'gallant, me sons; 'n aloft
and cut it away!"

It was wonderful square-yard sailing, m'lad, and glori-
ous storming through
The watery hills of fifty south with bar-taut brace
and clew
And preventer-sheets on the tops'ls, and the fores'l
arched like a bow.
As she ran like a hound to the East'ard, — 'n, Lord, how
the hooker did go!

Ye can have yer steam-boat racing, but gimme the run
in a gale
Of a well-geared able clipper what is driven by snow-
white sail.
For I've known the thrill of a piling sea and the sky
in a cloud-flecked gown,
And fourteen knots in a wind-bag when she's running
her Easting down !


much more professional than mine.
I think not being able to find it, was thinking the second verse was the start of the poem, and using it as a search reference.


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