WW1 where was the Clyde Depot

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WW1 where was the Clyde Depot

Post by Clio » Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:55 pm


I am researching the foundering of submarine K13 (January 1917)from primary sources. Several telegrams point to the key role played by SNO Clyde. Can anyone tell me where would SNO Clyde have been based ? The auxiliary patrol operated from Tail o the Bank/Albert Pier.

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Re: WW1 where was the Clyde Depot

Post by E28 » Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:33 pm

Pamela, i am pretty certain the location is actually Albert dock with Princes pier to its West at Greenock.
The coastguard came under Admiralty control in 1856 and this is where the Clyde Coastguard squadron and its numerous ships was based. Quite a large organisation. Many of those serving were actually in the reserve, time served men, but the buildings continued in Admiralty control well into the 20th Century.

You well know K13 sank in the Gareloch 29 Jan 1917, salved a couple of months later, renamed K22 and as such was the last of the original K class to go to the breakers in Dec 1926.
The Gareloch has been used by the navy longer than anyone can remember but with little if any permanent presence until WW2. So your location would comfortably have covered that loch.

Many knowledgeable local men on this forum could confirm the current status of those buildings.
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