Bellucia, Bellarden & Bellenden (screw steamers, 1887-1888)

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Bellucia, Bellarden & Bellenden (screw steamers, 1887-1888)

Post by Gustavo » Fri Aug 07, 2015 5:04 pm

Hello everyone! I'm a Brazilian diver and for some time I've been diving a shipwreck on the coast of Brazil, a screw steamer named Bellucia (, built by D&W Henderson in 1888 and wrecked in 1903. There's no known photo of the Bellucia, as far as I know (some of the best specialists in Brazil don't know of any either).

Nevertheless, there's a photo some people here say shows the Bellarden ( while others believe it is not. The photo bellow is widely regarded in Brazil as showing the Bellarden, but on the only other website I could find it ( they say it's a "steamer similar to the Rodi" (its other name from 1912 on).
Photo supposedly of the Bellarden (
On the French website, however, the file is named "tasso.jpg". There was a screw steamer named Tasso (, built by Russel & Co in 1887. Both the Bellarden and the Tasso have no photos available on this database. The only ship that probably resembles the Bellucia and that has a photo available on Clyde Maritime is the Bellenden (, that seems way different than the ship people in Brazil claim to be the Bellarden.

Anyway, does anyone happen to know of what ship this photo may be? I can assume that the Bellucia looked like the Bellenden, but is there any chance that this other ship is actually the Bellarden? Thanks for any help!

This is the Bellenden
Bellenden (1).jpg
And this is what's left of the Bellucia.
This is what is left of the Bellucia.

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